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Over the past year, our website received very little love from us - no updates and not utilising the latest technologies that we often praise to clients. Today, we change this and launch our new website in the fantastic October CMS, a Laravel based framework that is at the forefront of web tech and a joy to develop in.

We're best known for our MODX development and support, however we're branching out to other platforms, including October CMS and Prestashop Ecommerce. For a number of years we've been dedicated to MODX development in particular, it's time to push the boundaries and offer our clients more options and services that today's market demands. 

Development Services

Hosting Options

Hosting options also include the addition of Digital Ocean, extending our current Rackspace offerings.

DigitalOcean Partner
RackSpace Partner

Why Clients Return & Recommend Us

After many years of developing and creating usable content managed websites, see what our clients say about our work.

One last thing.

We've revamped our client account area - since we moved systems, we had to recreate the user base etc which means new passwords. If you have an existing paid service with us, your account will already be migrated, please use the Password Retrieve option to gain access.

Posted in Annoucements on Apr 18, 2017

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